Switching Webhosts Ain’t Easy!

FYI – ALL of my websites are temporarily offline. That includes:

(This article was originally published on Club39.com’s blog. Also owned by LinDee Rochelle.)

There is a minimal holding site at LRochelle.com … where you’ll also find periodic updates. WHY the sudden termination of my sites? Well …

Sometimes, life just doesn’t want to cooperate. I have plans … but the Universe has its own scheme for me … and it’s always a surprise.

Not necessarily a welcome surprise.

Case in point … I recently wrote on my Penchant for Penning blog about the trials and tribulations with my webhost’s server(s) five-day crash. And the angst continues …  Continue reading


Rock & Roll Museums Popping up Like 1970s’ Mushrooms!

Welcome to 2014! Oh, you say I’m a little late? Well, I do as I can and can as I do … and if you followed that, we are kindred spirits!

2000calendar clipart-modifyJanuary sped by and ended, with barely time to think – how about you? What I wanted to do was write (this article, plus, plus), what I had to do was all the first-of-the-New-Year gar-bage, like creating new file folders (digital and manila) and filing away the frustrations of 2013. Now that was a big job.

But now it’s February – too late to write a January blog – so … “onward”! Which I am declaring my word of the New Year.

Onward I say! 2014 is already shaping up as a dynamic year in many ways – especially when it comes to trips down Memory Lane.

Unique moon phases also create a vibrant New Year’s mystique – two New Moons in January, none in February, and two again in March – bring to mind “Moon River,” my fave slow-dancin’ song of all time (Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer, 1961).

WOKY-Milwaukee 03 21 64 Beatles pics

Mar 21 1964!

Of course, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of America’s infatuation with The Beatles. It sets the tone for a whole year of early Rock & Roll mania!

With this in mind, I went looking for places we can literally walk the “Lane” – from Penny Lane to a sunset walk of Memory Lanes across the states and beyond – in Rock & Roll museums. Continue reading

Blast from Your Past Pays Tribute to DJ Extraordinaire, David “Da Snake” London

12/19/13: More notable DJ newsLarry Lujack (73), beloved pioneering DJ at WLS/Chicago joined David London in Rock & Roll Radio Heaven yesterday, December 18, 2013. Endearing himself to fans from the 1960s through the ’80s as the “Superjock” and “Uncle Lar,” he will be sorely missed.

It’s always sad when someone we know leaves Earth for what we perceive as a “better place.” But it’s of some comfort to consider transition rather than finality.



David L. Cockrell, aka DJ David London (WAPE/Jacksonville FL 1960s/early ‘70s); and David “Da Snake” London (KCBQ/San Diego 1970s) began his Earthly journey on June 26, 1948. I recently learned that he boogied up to Rock & Roll Heaven September 29, 2013. In between, he was a man of many lives with a perpetual smile.

As mere mortals with selfish emotions, we often mourn our loss, rather than celebrate our good fortune to have known someone special.

However, today, with memories of a man I knew all too briefly, and thoughts from those fortunate to have called him friend for years, we’re celebrating the pleasures of knowing David. He obviously left lasting impressions for many, throughout his life. Continue reading

45 Years Ago – 1968 – Sentiment, Sex, and Janis Joplin

I’ll be trippin’ down Memory Lane at an accelerated rate this week (written Monday, 09/23/13) as I relive the joys and ignore the pain of the next seven days – 45 years ago.

A few years later ...

A few years later …

September 30, 1968 – the day I gave birth to beautiful twin boys.

I won’t bore you by waxing nostalgic about my personal life then and now. But since my mind seems to be holding me hostage today, let’s explore the week in music and meander up to the leap year Monday that changed my life forever.

With the San Francisco East Bay Area my stomping grounds – and carrying twins, believe me, I stompedKFRC blasted on most radios, including mine.

That’s not to say I didn’t experiment with the FM dial – especially seeking out the new KSAN with “Big Daddy” DJ Tom Donahue; but KFRC played my dance music. Continue reading

Rock & Roll 2.0 was a Late Bloomer

Beatles-rosesI’m a late bloomer. Always have been. It may have begun in my early teens when I absolutely detested The Beatles’ first US hit, “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” It’s true—I couldn’t stand it—thought The Beatles were amateurish and off-key. Silly me. I soon realized the error of my ways.

I tolerated the charming moptops through their early hits, but no posters on the wall (though I secretly coveted my best friend’s humongous image of Paul on her ceiling over the bed). Nor did I beg my parents to drive 129 miles to the innocuously popular band’s first arrival in San Francisco on August 18, 1964.

By the time their music-changing Rubber Soul album came along though, I was a lifelong fan. A little late to the party, but I made it.

What I forgot with The Beatles’ British Invasion and beyond, as many of us have, is Rock & Roll had a life before The Beatles. Brief but significant. Continue reading

Think Free. Be Free. Are We? Celebrating Our Independence.

American flag-Eagle-smFYI, my dictionary’s “archaic” definition of INDEPENDENCE: “2. Sufficient income for self-support.”

I love my country, but sadly, we are not all independent by the original definition (as in 1776). We need REAL change – beginning with corrupt politicians and misspent tax dollars.

THINK about your independence today as it was meant to be … CELEBRATE that we live in a country where change is still possible. Cheers and Happy Independence Day to all!

That was my Facebook post this morning … and yes, I believe it, I do think we can change, but … where are the “fine, upstanding citizens” who will implement the overdue changes, AND, are morally true and understand that FREEDOM is not MORE laws – it is more INTELLIGENT and “pure” laws?

We live in a country of idealistic statehood … Continue reading

Blast from YOUR Past: Writing a Living Legacy ™

This is one of those rare times that I can write one article for both of my primary blogs (Penchant for Penning and Blast from Your Past) – love it! Am I lazy? Probably. But let’s call it an efficient use of time. 🙂 Either way, my plan is to remind you that your life is important …

book-clipart-living legacyIn this day and age of prolific publishing and everyone-is-an-author era, we still often forget to write what matters most at “The End.”

This was brought to my attention as I wrote the first book in my series, Blast from Your Past! Rock & Roll Radio DJs: the First Five Years 1954-1959. About halfway through, I realized I was helping these men and women leave a legacy for their descendants. Most would likely never write an autobiography. In telling their anecdotal behind-the-microphone tales, I am also leaving a legacy of my own – one that gives back to others. The realization pleased and humbled me.

Autobiographies of us “ordinary” people are rarely written. Do you think they’re only for famous folks or the fleeting, extra-ordinary events that pop up in life? Think again.

I’m talking about “Writing a Living Legacy”

With the share-ability of the Internet, we are no longer stifled with just one book that truncates our lives at “The End.” In a Living Legacy, long after you have written your last word, future generations can laugh with you, cry with you, exclaim at your antics … and add their own. Continue reading

Happy 50th Anniversary-The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie”! BFYP’s Mike Korgan, Producer

Memories, Music & Mike!

Louie-Louie albumIt’s International “Louie Louie” Day!* “OK! Let’s give it to ‘em … right now!”

Alright, granted, I’m writing this less than two hours before midnight (beer in hand), but I posted early this morn on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – what?! You didn’t see it?!

And here, I thought everyone followed Blast from Your Past … Riiiight … like everyone follows your social networks, too. Wow, we are all soooo self-absorbed these days. I’ll follow you, if you’ll follow me. LOL!

Let’s trip down Memory Lane to a simpler kinda life. What a magical musical time, the Sixties. Continue reading

Moving Out … Moving Up … Movin’ On

However you want to say it, I’m outta there! Made a move from an apartment over a 24/7 highway to a quiet, residential, tree-lined neighborhood. Ahhhhh … silence is truly golden.

I hate moving. Who doesn’t? The act itself is agonizing – and more so, the older you are. “Dem bones” don’t like that much backbreaking activity!

pkng bxs+music notes-smIt wasn’t a totally positive move, but one that needed to be made; and now that I’m mostly settled, I can feel the music of moving … in so many songs … for so many different reasons. Join me on a romp down BFYP’s Memory Lane as we find all kinds of musical reasons to move out, move up and move on … Continue reading

WFDU-FM’s The Vintage Rock & Pop Shop ROCKS!

New Year clipartYipes! So much for resolutions, vows, priorities … whatever name you want to give those first-of-the-year dedications to organization and turning over New Year leaves.

I blew it already – totally missed January’s article! Ah, the story of my life. I’ve missed a lot of fun while trying to deal with life’s frustrating anomalies.

BUT fun is IN for February! Blast from Your Past is having another special to help support The Vintage Rock &Pop Shop – the fun and entertaining 1950s/’60s nostalgia show hosted by Ghosty on WFDU-FM!

WFDU-FM NJ89-1Ghosty-smNew Jersey’s Farleigh Dickinson University operates WFDU-FM 89.1, a public broadcast radio station, on which several shows are featured. February is their annual fundraising month, and to keep Ghosty’s show on the air for another year, we need to head on over and donate to the cause – let’s keep Rockin’ On! Continue reading